Incense & Cigarettes

Two half-sisters meet each other for the first time at their grandma’s funeral. In her London Film School graduation film director Linnge Dong unfolds a very touching story of two women coming from different worlds carefully approaching each other. Have a listen to the final cue of our soundtrack on soundcloud!

Sound & Recording Podcast

In April we had the honour to be featured in an episode of the German music production podcast “Sound & Recording”. We had a great time talking with the hosts Marc and Klaus about the emotional impact of film music and showing some of our work.You can listen to the podcast on Youtube, Spotify and […]

If I Smiled At You

We’re currently working on the lovely short film “If I Smiled At You” by German director Malte Schulz. The very moving picture was shot in Montreal in 2019 and portrays a young medical student whose view about the people around her and the world in general changes dramatically when she has a life changing realisation. […]


After a couple of weeks of intensive work – and way to many zoom calls thanks to the pandemic – we managed to finish our most recent project “Zolian”. Director Moritz Neumayr tells the story of Lilly, who lives in a flatshare with her friend Anna. As mysterious incidents keep happening she’s finally confronted with her […]

HEDGEHOG at KINO DER KUNST online film festival

Director Masha Novikova’s latest short film ‘HEDGEHOG’ will be screened at the ‘KINO DER KUNST’ online film festival from Wednesday, 28 October via the following link: Niklas wrote the music for this wonderful black and white short film back in 2019. It already was their second collaboration following Masha’s short film “The Noise Barrier” […]

Royal College of Music Online Showcase

One of Niklas’ latest pieces ‘A World Unveiled’ will be featured in RCM’s annual ‘Composition for Screen Showcase’ – which will be all online this year. This will be a live event streamed on Wednesday evening on RCM’s Youtube channel. Find out more here:

Concert: Movie Night 2019

The annual Movie Night of the ‘Filmfoniker’ is happening this Sunday (24/11/19). As always with the ‘Filmfoniker’ it was such a pleasure to work on this project. Among others we arranged German film composer Martin Böttcher’s famous Winnetou melodies as well as a medley of the scores to the movie classics by German director ‘Joseph […]

New Tracks

As you might have noticed we’ve added some new tracks to our playlist below. As promised there’s also some music from the fairy-tale short film ‘The Snowqueen’ we worked on last year. It is also worth mentioning that Niklas had the opportunity to record some of his music with the Munich Symphony Orchestra. You’ll find […]


After last year’s incredibly successful ‘The Best Film Songs’ concert as part of the Munich Film Festival, the ‘Bayerische Filmfoniker’ (Bavarian Film Orchestra) return to Munich’s ‘Philharmonie im Gasteig’ with another program packed with some of the most beautiful songs ever written. Under the baton of Ingo P. Stefans the orchestra will perform famous love […]