Malte Bastian Melcher (*1989) got in touch with music early, in familiar surroundings. His classical music education on the piano started when he was just eight years old. Attracted by jazz, rock and pop music, he discovered many other styles of music and developed a sense for any kind of it. His affinity for functional musical composition evolved in senior class. Inspired by well-known composers like e.g. Howard Shore, he started to constantly acquire professional knowledge about composition for film and media on an autodidactic basis, additionally he took composition lessons with Jay Schwartz. Among academic commitment in music education and private drumteaching activities, he undertook academic studies in music production in the city of Hamburg, Germany. He continued his studies in Cologne, Germany and graduated with the Bachelor Of Arts in Audio Productions in 2013; submitting a written assignment on auditory stylistic devices in functional music. He is currently studying ‘Audio and Video’ at the Robert Schumann School of Music with the focus on composition for media in the class of Prof. Andreas Grimm.