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Under the name sonority arts we, Malte and Niklas Melcher, work as composers and arrangers. We’re especially interested in collaborating with other creative minds, artists and filmmakers. Over the last years we composed and produced the music for numerous short films and documentaries. As arrangers we worked for the European Filmphilharmonic Institute and more recently for the Munich Filmfoniker and “FMS - Film Music Services” among others. Our arrangements and adaptions were performed throughout Europe by the London Symphony Orchestra, the Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra or the Munich Symphony Orchestra to name a few. It’s very important to us, that our music is precisely tailored to the needs of each project. Only a perfectly fitting music will be able to bring out the dramatic depth of a story, the memorability of a podcast jingle or the identification potential of a good advertising or promotional film. As artists we go in for authenticity, which sets our music apart from generic underscore.

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Wow, episode 03 already! The audio drama project „Pfusch“ started about six years ago. After we already composed the music to the first two episodes (including the main title) we’re back for the latest episode – soon to be released.

Composing for Cave!

We’re thrilled to announce that the German animation company RMH MEDIA asked us contribute music and sound to their interactive VR installations. We’ve been collaborating on four projects so far, which led to a considerable of new music on our side. Have a listen to a couple of tracks from our most recent collaboration below.


We’re very much looking forward to compose the music to Jo Hoer’s debut film „Rechtsfindung“ based on the playlet „Judicial Process“ from Brecht’s play „Fear and Misery of the Third Reich“. Everything we’ve been seeing so far looks really amazing, so stay tuned for more.

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